Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who is Edouard???

Two words best describe the weather of late here in Houston, and they both start with H - - - Hot and Humid. Saturday night the temp was hovering at 100 degrees when the Dynamo took the pitch at Robertson Stadium. The good news is, that the heat took a bigger toll on the Columbus Crew then it did the Dynamo. Check for my report on that match as well as the SuperLiga semifinal in which the Dynamo finally defeated Pachuca on this week's episode of World Soccer Wrap. My report features post match comments from Coach Dominic Kinnear, Corey Ashe, Brad Davis, and Pat Onstad. I also managed to corner new Dynamo forward Kai Kamara so we could discuss this new chapter in his professional career. As always, the latest show will be available, for free, on iTunes.

As of yesterday, it appeared that Houston would be hot and rain free for days to come, so I was pleasently surprised to hear rain on the roof while I was watching Generation Kill tonight (if you have not watched that miniseries, do so, right away). Then the 10 o'clock news alerted me to the presence of a Tropical Storm called Edouard that seems intent on growing into a hurricane and coming ashore somewhere in the Houston-Galveston vicinity early this week. I guess it was a good thing for the SuperLiga final to be in New England afterall . . .

A quick and belated congratulations to the Lions of Bergamo, on July 19, they defeated the Giants of Bolzano, 56 - 54, in the Italian Super Bowl. Yes folks, they do play football Americano in Italy, and the Lions, unlike their namesake in Detroir, are a powerhouse.

Speaking of Italy, the latest episode of World Soccer Wrap: Serie A will be available soon on iTunes. This week, in a suprisingly long show, I discuss the Supercoppa and the likilhood that it will not be in the Meadowlands this year, the potential strike of players in the lower leagues, the viability of lower leagues in the face of the worldwide credit crunch, Mr. Rossi of New Jersey but playing for the Italian Olympic squad, and the Italian diaspora.

A quick reminder, I still want your Serie A predictions for how the table will look at the end of the season, send your predictions to


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