Sunday, August 31, 2008

Live from Houston - Dynamo v. Fire

That's Match, Dynamo Win! With this win, Dynamo sweep the Fire in 2008. Final Score, Dynamo 2 - Fire 1!

4 Minutes of Stoppage time.

88 Min. - 22,554 here at Robertson Estadio tonight.

88 Min. - Holden in for Davis, Houston's final sub.

87th Min. - Final sub for Chicago, Pappa in for Segares.

86th Min. - Patrick Ianni subs in for Eddie Robinson.

84th Min. - Eddie Robinson is down in front of the net. Doesn't look good at the moment.

82nd Min. - Nice anti-Blanco banner from Texian Army.

79th Min - Houston makes a sub, Kai on for Jaqua (I would have taken Ching off).

76th Min. - Chicago make another substitution - Banner on for Prideaux.

70th Min. - Soumare uses the horse collar on Jaqua.

70th Min. - I think it's time to take Ching off and put Kai on.

67th Min. - Chicago makes substitution - Herron on for Mapp.

62nd Min. - Yellow card, this time to Chicago's Blanco.

59th Min - Yellow card to Chicago's Soumare.

Second half is underway.

That's half-time, scoreline is Dynamo 2 - Fire 1.

At least 2 minutes of stoppage.

39th Min: Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian Mullan, with assists from Brad Davis & Nate Jaqua.

35th-36th Min: Brad Davis gets really really close again.

20th Min: Clock is . . . . umm was . . . oh maybe is fixed.

Uh-Oh - Clock problem, it's going backwards, someone must thing the Cougars are still playing.

Not game related, but great image from

13th Min. - Which turns into a throw-in for Dynamo. With no goal.

12th Min. - Brad Davis get's very close on a free kick. And now a corner for Dynamo.

9th Min. - Dynamo were getting close to a second goal.

7th Min. - DeRo responds with a goal of his own!!!

5th Min. - Fire draw first blood. McBride with an assist from Blanco. McBride's first MLS goal since 2003.

John Thorrington already down on the pitch in the 3rd minute.

Dynamo in full on orange kits.

Starting are Onstad, Mulrooney, Boswell, Robinson, Barrett, Mullan, Clark DeRo, Davis, Ching, Jaqua.

For the Fire:

Busch, Prideaux, Conde, Soumare, Segares, Thorrington, Blanco, Pause, Mapp, McBride, Rolfe.

Game underway, about 93 degrees here and some pre-game rain.

I'm here at Robertson Stadium tonight for the Dynamo v. Fire match.

I'll sporadically update.

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