Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reflections on SuperLiga

Well, we now know that the SuperLiga Final will be another Dynamo - Revolution rematch. But in the wake of Chivas' reaction to getting bounced and the reaction of both Atlante and Pachuca after losing in the Semifinals, there seems to be many of a prediction that we might not see SuperLiga 2009 because the FMF or at least its clubs won't want to participate.

My response - Whatever . . . Look if Pachuca, Atlante, and Chivas are so besides themselves about getting bounced, then their reaction should be, if they're really the top flight clubs they fancy themselves as, would be to return next summer and redeem themselves. Chelsea lost to ManU on penalty kicks in the ECL Final, I don't hear concern they won't participate in the ECL this year - or that the Gooners, or Real Madrid, or Barca won't compete either.

What the Mexican clubs need to realize is that their style of play can result in more fouls being called in international competition then in their fixtures, and then adjust to that. Complaining and pouting won't change that, and they know it. But, they do have to save face at the hands of a local/national press that can make life look easy for the New York Yankees when dealing with the NY press during a ten game losing streak. Fine, but that's still no real excuse for post match dust-ups or taking your ball and going home.

As for Chivas . . . You claim you didn't understand the rules?? Too bad, so sad, I don't believe you. You thought Atlante would be a cake walk, afterall you just beat Houston who demolished Atlante. Guess what Chivas, you're lucky the scoreline wasn't bigger, Atlante understood the rules and didn't back down.

And you apologists who want to always point out that the Mexican clubs are in preseason, well that doesn't hold much water seeing that the 2008 Clausura ended on May 31, SuperLiga started on July 12, and the 2008 Apertura began on July 26, these squads don't have the luxury of taking it easy during June, even if there wasn't SuperLiga - this isn't like the Serie A clubs who get all of June off and don't report to camp until late July, and don't start their fixtures till the end of August.

SuperLiga 2007 was fun, SuperLiga 2008 has been great (game I most wanted to be at was Chivas v. Atlante).

I'm looking forward to an even better SuperLiga 2009, and if some Mexican clubs aren't interested cause they don't want to be defeated at the hands of an MLS side, well too bad, so sad, guess you're not a big jersey club afterall.

My biggest complaint about SuperLiga 2009, the true travesty is that the final will be in the empty cavern in New England, not at Robertson Stadium in Houston. Seeing that Houston won the MLS Cup, they should have home field advantage over the Revs.

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