Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stuart Holden scores winning goal for USA

(c) Associated Press

Well, Houston Dynamo midfielder Stuart Holden did the U.S. proud, scoring the only going in the team's victory over Japan, in the 47th minute in their opening match of Olympic group play. Today's win gave the US team an important 3 points, which will be crucial to their desire to advance beyond the group stage. The U.S. are in Group B, which includes, in addition to Japan, the Netherlands and Nigeria, neither of which can be taken lightly.

Thanks goes to the Dynamo organization for making the above picture from the Associated Press available for use. Speaking of the AP, here's their report on the match:

And here are some other reports:

I should also note that Italy's Olympic team, which has no players over the age of 23, also won its opening match, beating Honduras 3-0. Among those scoring goals for Italy was Guiseppe Rossi, who was born in New Jersey to Italian parents (he was a topic of the most recent episode of World Soccer Wrap: Serie A).

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