Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Match Day in Houston

After a much deserved and needed week off from matches, the Houston Dynamo return to the pitch tonight at Robertson Stadium in Houston, where they'll be hosting Western Conference leaders, Real Salt Lake. The Dynamo are only one point behind RSL, while FC Dallas is one point behind Houston, which means this is a big, important match for the Dynamo, a match where the 3 points will be very, very important for the Dynamo.

The good news for the Dynamo, but bad news for U.S. Soccer, is that midfielder Stuart Holden and defender Patrick Ianni are back from China where they were part of the U.S. Men's soccer team. I suspect that both will start on the bench. Holden played a substantial part in all three of the men's team matches in China, so a little extra rest is in order. Since Eddie Robinson and Richard Mulrooney have been cleared to start for the Dynamo tonight, I suspect Ianni will also be on the bench.

Brian Ching will miss Wednesday's match against Chivas USA since he'll be playing with the USMNT as it takes on Guatemala in World Cup Qualifying (no wonder MLS schedules matches when international matches are taking place, CONCACAF schedules matches during important tournaments like the Olympics), but Ching will be available for the Dynamo tonight.

And of course there is the weather factor here in Houston. It is currently a little before 2:30 p.m. local time and Houston has been experiencing heavy, but scattered, thunderstorms. The rain has been heavy enough that there is localized flooding, such as at my in-laws' house in Baytown.,5143,700251287,00.html

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