Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maybe Big Soccer is Useful: Message Board Meltdowns

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 7: A fan of El Salvador yells towards the pitch against Guatemala at RFK Stadium on September 7, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)

I wish I had come up with this idea on my own, but I didn't. Instead, I'm stealing this idea from RollBamaRoll over at SBNation - and I learned about it from Sean & John on 1560 The Game in Houston.

On Sunday, Lazio lost the Derby della Capitale to Roma, 0-2. Here's what Lazio fans were saying:

I love Reja but fuck him for playing for the tie in the first half... Fuck Baptista for unfairly continuing play after 2 Lazio players got hurt.... and FUCK FUCK FUCK to HELL the ref for fucking up on 2 merda handballs, 1 missed penalty for dragging down Mauri, and for giving a second penalty to merda after he saw 2 lazio players get hurt and merda unfairly continue play... I seriously hope he dies a very very painful death.

I watched this BS for the last time! It just makes me mad, it just seems as if those cunts always get the refs on their side! Lets get our revenge by winning the Scudetto! Keep positive rega we're still prima in la classifica!

We were owned by referees!!! these bastards need to go to the hell asap

If you believe in fate, or karma, then I am not surprised at all. We had some moments of luck earlier in the season, we all know the strange goals we scored or whatever the fuck. It came back to haunt us TODAY. It was always the chance it could happen TODAY and it has.

This referee is a fucking shitass

Things didn't go much better for Lazio, who lost to Cesena 1-0 on Wednesday:

Zarate once aggain was playing like he is alone in the pitch and is shooting a comercial about dribling, no collective game!!!

What a fucking disgrace. Reja must be fucking stupid for resting basically everyone. I knew we wouldn't score as soon as I saw the starting lineup. I never want to see that piece of shit diakite and gonzalez on the field again. I don't understand how most of our starters needed rest. They play once a week and the first time they get a wednesday game they are too tired to play? Fuck that. I guess if we make Europe then we are going to have a shitty ass season because our players have no stamina. To play 2 games a week. What a joke.

This past weekend, Columbus Crew were knocked out of the MLS Cup Playoffs by Colorado Rapids:

bahhh! terrible! i'm sick of my team

Lenhart with the touch of a rapist. Unbelievable.

remind me again of why Jason Garey is on the field?

Hold the ball up top? no

Keep possession? no

Finishing? no

a shootout with greenbaum, oh god, what sort of a sick joke is this? threw this game away

Meanwhile, the Seattle Sounders were again knocked out of the MLS Cup Playoffs, this time by the Los Angeles Galaxy:

This is awful. I've gone from thinking we wouldn't make the playoffs at the beginning of the season, to being excited that we turned it around, to right now wishing we hadn't.

A goal would be nice, just to pop that cherry.

I don't understand this team. We've got the players to play great attacking soccer, yet we suck at attacking. Anyone know when Jason Kreis's contract is up?

Speaking of Kreis, his Real Salt Lake won't be defending their 2010 MLS Cup Championship since they were eliminated by Dallas this weekend:

AND BORCHERS WITH A YELLOW! this is ********ing bullshit, that was NOT a yellow worthy foul at all.

If anyone from our side would like to begin playing like it was the playoffs - now would be the time...

this has turned into one of the worst Utah sports days i can remember. down 1-0 on a ridiculous against the run of play goal for dallas. utes get absolutely embarrassed at home. ugh.

ferreira dives more than a $2 hooker in the cat house. absolute bullshit.

im going to drink myself into a straight stupor, i absolutely cannot believe this. we DOMINATED the second half, all 45 minutes. what a waste of a season, the greatest RSL team will go down in the first half. ******** you MLS for setting up the WORST playoff structure.

ugh, im so pissed right now i could punch a baby. see you in february.

Despite being the only MLS team with three Designated Players, RedBull New York was eliminated from the MLS Cup Playoffs by San Jose:

Backe is shiting in his pant and is afraid to take out Angel....

I stayed up for that?

Complete and utter bollox!

That was a ********ing embarassment. ******** Angel. Hasn't won shit in his entire career.

Marquez: If you wanna retire ******** off and do it cos your moving on the pitch like you have

Angel: Goodbye and Good riddance

Henry: Go ******** off and watch the Nick you cheating, handballing frog

On Wednesday, Newcastle lost, 1-2, to Blackburn Rovers:

Hey, look, it's like we remembered we're supposed to suck at defense.

Type of match Hatem Ben Arfa could have won on his own. Instead, we have Kevin ********ing nolan

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