Saturday, July 26, 2008

Episode 20 of World Soccer Wrap: Serie A

This week's episode is in the can so to speak, or more appropriately in the producers' inbox. The show should be available, for free, on iTunes late Sunday or early Monday. Be sure to go into the iTunes store, search World Soccer Wrap, and subscribe to our podcasts.

The feature of this week's show will be a look at the 2008/09 Serie A Fixtures, with an eye towards which matches to focus on each week.

Topics also touched on include:

The Mexes Carjacking/Kidnapping
Roma's Mutu Bid
Giorgio's continuing legal problems with Italian authorities
And the entertaining transfer market, which has been slow this week.

Come May 31, 2009, what do you think the table in Serie A will look like? Send me your predictions at:

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