Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DCU v. Dynamo - Finally

They managed to get the match underway again, and while D.C. United tried to take advantage of the swamp the Dynamo defense found itself in, Brian Ching scored on a header in the 79th minute, putting the Dynamo up by two goals, and that's how the scoreline stayed into the early hour of Thursday morning.

Honestly, my biggest concern during the last minutes of the match was that nobody would get injured cause of the conditions.

They're going to try to restart the match at 11:40 D.C. time. We'll see what happens.

Refs are back out to inspect the pitch.

Sounds like there is more lightning in the area. Remember, most of the last Metro runs are midnight if not a little earlier, so even if they get started again, many fans will be leaving by midnight.

Around 10:10 D.C. time, the parties agreed to wait 30 minutes, but it's still raining in D.C.

Lights working, lightning passed, but still raining. We'll see what the refs say.

Word coming from someone at the stadium is that there was an announcement that they have until 1:00 a.m. D.C. time to finish the match.

Here's a look at what the pitch looks like thanks to the folks at

Sounds like the lightning has passed, but they are still having trouble with the lights. I think it's time to call this match.

Well, know we get an episode of Married with Children.

Radar shows the entire District of Columbia covered in strong storms.

Joy of Joys . . . now a bulk of the lights have gone out due to a power surge, and the Ref has sent everyone off the pitch in the 54th minute.

Sounds like the rain is very, very heavy, but no lightning at the moment. Still no video from channel 55.

The second half has started, with rain coming done. Unfortunately, it seems that while the game is ongoing, Channel 55 has lost the video feed due to the weather.

Halftime --- Dynamo lead 1-0

Patrick Ianni comes in in the 42nd minute to replace an injured Eddie Robinson . . . again (left hamstring strain).

After two postponements, the DCU v. Dynamo match is finally under way at RFK in Washington, D.C. They were scheduled to play last month, but the field was soaked with too much rain. The match was rescheduled for last night, but power outages in SE D.C. delayed the game till tonight.

But there is bad weather in the area, a Tornado and Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Prince William County, Virginia, while D.C. is under a Thunderstorm Watch till late in the evening. So keep your fingers crossed the storms will avoid RFK.

Brian Mullan has already put the Dynamo on the scoreboard with a goal in the 20th minute.


foreverorange said...

Married with children suxs! is Deja vu all over again.

Brian Zygo said...

For me, Channel 55 can be a big flashback to high school, when Fox was launching its network.

At least I was able to watch Black Gold while waiting for the match to restart.