Monday, September 29, 2008

Here he goes again . . .

Since the start of the 208-09 Serie A season, Jose Mourinho has really had a rocky relationship with the press and others within Serie A, some of which is discussed on the latest episode of World Soccer Wrap: Serie A (now available for free on iTunes). The latest controversy involving the Special One . . . He has now basically said that outside of Italy, Serie A is a very small league and he feels that Italians really don't care about the league's perception in the rest of the world. And more bizarre, he has accussed Italians of not being as in love with football as he had thought.

Despite all of his contributions to football, I really think Jose is a bit off base here. Jose, time for you to focus on what is happening on the pitch because off of the pitch, you're digging a big hole for yourself. I think you need to take some time to hit Latin America and South America where the football of the Spanish and Italian leagues is much preferred to that found in the EPL, the commercial entity that overshadows all other European leagues despite a product that isn't all that consistent.

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