Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumas v. Dynamo - Live Blog

That's the match - 4-4 is the result. Dynamo can't complain.

Why does this moron keep calling Kamari Kamara??? Good save for Pumas, whatever.

Yep, he's coming on.

Looks like we'll be seeing DeRo tonight.

61 Min: Mulrooney on for Clark.

52nd Min: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waibel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been one exciting match and no matter the outcome, for the Dynamo to get 3 goals in the first half against Pumas in Mexico City, nothing to hang your head about.

End of First Half - Pumas 4 - 3 Dynamo

Stoppage Time Goal for Pumas.

2 minutes of stoppage time.

43 Min: Jaqua comes close to goal 4 for Dynamo, but misses.

42nd Min: Goal for Pumas, knotted up again

36th Min: Big save by Pat Onstad.

34 Min: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kamara gets his second of the night on the penalty kick, 3-2 Dymamo!

33 Min: Penalty in the box, Dynamo get a penalty kick.

27th Min: Goal for Pumas, Juarez gets the rebound off the wall and puts it in the net.

26 Min: Yellow to Eddie Robinson, and FSC folks SHUT-UP.

23 Min: Brian Mullan is coming in for the injured Stuart Holden.

20th Min: Goal for Pumas (Lopez) even though a Dynamo player is down. Again we see the bias against U.S. teams when they travel south of the border.

Cameron had a beautiful cross to Kai on that goal. Kai has been a great addition for the Dynamo.

17th Min: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kai Kamara gets goal #2 for the Dynamo!!!!

14th Min: Dynamo come close on a corner from Holden . . . he's the dead ball expert tonight since Davis didn't make the trip.

Actually, Onstad is starting in goal tonight, not Caig.

4th Minute: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match is underway, and with a starting temp of 59 degrees, the Dynamo have broken out the long sleeve shirts.

For the Dynamo:


Waibel - Boswell - Robinson - Barrett

Ashe - Clark - Holden - Cameron

Jaqua - Kamara

Let's hope the Dynamo make use of the heigh advantage.

The Dynamo are in Mexico City, and their third country in three matches. Stadium does not look that full, but then again this is a group stage match. Hmmm, FSC's music had a Miami Vice quality at the beginning.

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