Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Red Card in 0 to 5 Seconds

This past week in the Japan's J-League, the match between Nagoya Grampus and Shimizu S-Pulse ended in an unremarkable 1-1 draw. What was remarkable about that match was that it only took 5 seconds for Grampus defender Takahiro Masukawa to get a red card.

I note that there is some dispute over whether this video depicts said teams and Masukawa. Nonetheless, it does show a player earning a quick red card. I'll rework this post if I get more accurate information concerning this dispute.


Anthony said...

It's not Masukawa who is sent off on the video. It's Tomo Sugawara from Tokyo Verdy and the match is from J.League 2 Season 2009 (8th day, 15 April 2009) between Tokyo Verdy and Sagan Tosu. Verdy eventually won it 2-0.

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