Sunday, May 1, 2011

AEK Athens Fans Riot at End of Greek Cup Final

Greek football fans are a fascinating lot, they bring a huge amount of passion to club matches and videos of the pyrotechnics uses by their Ultras tend to show up on sites like Deadspin and The Big Lead. Unfortunately, that passion can get a bit out of control, can get a bit ugly.

The dark side of Greek football passion was on display this weekend during the Greek Cup final when AEK Athens fans stormed the pitch with a minute left in the match. AEK fans attacked riot police, Atromitos players, and Atromitos fans. In addition, the rioting left a large amount of property damage in its wake, especially in the stadium where seats and advertising boards were ripped up.

The violence was not limited to the stadium though, AEK fans allegedly attacked Panathinaikos supporters in other parts of Athens.

The result? AEK beat Atromitos 3-0, with the goals coming from Nikos Liberopoulos, Nabil Baha, and Pantelis Kafes. It was AEK's 14th Cup victory.

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