Monday, January 10, 2011

Kaka Scores a Goal for Real Madrid & Jose Mourinho Gets a Bottle Thrown at Him

On Sunday, Real Madrid hosted Villarreal in an entertaining, goal filled match that saw Real Madrid come from behind to beat Villarreal 4-2. The hero for Real Madrid was Cristiano Ronaldo who's hat-trick propelled Real Madrid to victory; however, Ronaldo's third goal was not without controversy:

With Ronaldo's third goal, the scoreline was 3-2 in favor of Real Madrid, but Villarreal, who had led twice during the match, showed no signs of giving up and was clearly capable of getting an equalizer at the Bernabeu. However, Villarreal's hopes of leaving Madrid with at least a point were dashed in the 82nd minute when Kaka, who subbed on for Raúl Albiol in the 70th minute, scored. As a result of Kaka's goal, Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho decided to celebrate in front of Villarreal's bench:

As you can see, the Villarreal bench did not take too kindly to Mourinho's celebration and Cani threw a bottle at Mourinho. While at least one person suggested the draconian response of arresting Cani and banning him for two seasons, common sense prevailed at the Bernabeu and Cani received a red card, and only a red card.

Villarreal, currently third on the La Liga table, host Osasuna on Saturday and Real Madrid, second on the table, face Almeria on Sunday.

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