Sunday, May 18, 2008

Serie A 2007/08

Well, real quick, here's a toast to Inter Milan and their third straight Scudetto. Congratulations.

Yes, I wish my Roma could have overtaken Inter today, and at half we were able to dream such was the case, but Ibra came on and worked his magic. So, for us Roma fans it is wait until next year. For Inter, it could get very interesting since I doubt Mancini will be around much longer and I suspect he will be replaced by The Special One - Jose "I am Fantistic" Mourinho.

But, before summer and the silly season, we do have Roma and Inter playing for the Coppa Italia at Stadio Olimpico in Roma on Saturday.

Anyway, Episode 10 of World Soccer Wrap: Serie A is in the can and should be released on iTunes between now and Sunday morning. Just cause the season is over doesn't mean the show goes on break, we'll be looking at the Silly Season, who is getting promoted, the history of Italian Football, Euro 2008, and maybe even Football Americano, while we wait for the start of the 2008/09 Serie A season.

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John said...

zWell done, Froza Inter!!!

They truly deserve it and they have proven they are worthy champions!!!

I'm very happy for El Pupi ZANETTI. Really a captain marvel for this team.

Please check out my blog and article on Inter victorious day.

Would appreciate very much a comment from you...