Saturday, May 24, 2008

Houston Leones remain unbeaten at Home

Just southwest of Houston, where the coastal plains get flatter than flat, surrounded by old cotton and rice fields, as well as enchroaching housing developments, sits the Soccer World Center, home of the PDL's Houston Leones.

The Leones opened their debut PDL season with a 3-0 victory over the New Orleans Shell Shockers, but then lost their first three road games against Austin Aztex and El Paso Patriots (whom they played twice in a row).

On Saturday May 24, the Leones returned home to take on Mississippi Brilla FC.

It was a hot and humid, but windy night, with the southerly winds occasionally carrying the scent of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico with it.

The Leones got off to an early start when Antonio Chavez scored a goal in the 6th minute.

Leones' captain, Miguel Hurtado, scored a goal in the 17th minute when he headed a free kick from Jose Miranda.

The Leones' final goal of the night came in the 64th minute when subsitute Angel Hernandez scored his first goal of the season.

The Houston Leones had the opportunity to go up by one more goal in stoppage time when Mississippi's Dwayne Demmin received a red card that resulted in a Leones' penalty kick. Erick Acevedo made a hard, low shot, but Brilla keeper, Jason Williams was able to make a save.

After a rough couple of weeks on the road, Saturday's win was much needed relief, relief that might carry them through next weekend's two matches when the host the El Paso Patriots on Saturday and then the DFW Tornados on Sunday.

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