Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marine, Corporal Eric Sears, Asks Alex Morgan to the Marine Ball

A few weeks ago Sgt. Scott Moore asked actress Mila Kunis to the Marine Ball in November via YouTube, at the prodding of Justin Timberlake Mila said yes. Mila's reply has since given other Marines the courage to copycat Sgt. Moore, with the most recent one being the video below whereby this young Marine named Eric Sears asks Alex Morgan from the United States Women's Soccer Team to attend the Marine Ball with him. Sears is a Corporal, works in supply, crucial to any fighting unit, and will be shipping out to Afghanistan later this year. To put some perspective on this, Corporal Sears was a tween 10 years ago when the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed on September 11th. Godspeed and return home safely Corporal.

As a man who is recently returned to the dating world, I could totally relate to Eric's manner and composure in the video. I'm from an Army family, but I don't look down at Marines, they're clearly some bad ass motherfuckers, but even a Marine is humbled by a good woman, and you can see that in the video. So, without further adieu, here is the video:

Here's a look at the 2009 Marine Ball:

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