Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Sending Offs that Are Stupid Because the Rules are Stupid

In Santos' recent Copa Libertadores match against Colo Colo, Neymar scored a goal in the 52nd minute and then proceeded to celebrate in a manner worthy of the NFL's Chad Ochocinco, he put on a paper mask of himself. The celebration resulted in Neymar getting sent off with a red card. Santos went on to win the match, which saw a total of 5 red cards, 3-2.

Meanwhile, in Wednesday night's MLS match between Vancouver and New England, Eric Hassli picked up his second yellow card of the night and was sent off for pulling off his jersey in a planned goal celebration. That match ended in a 1 all draw.

I know there's a certain stick in the mud, overly self-righteous, envious, and overly serious segment of sports fans that loathe goal celebrations, touchdown celebrations, and other celebrations by athletes. To that segment of sports fans I say, "Pull the stick out of your collective asses and learn to enjoy both sport and life for a change." Life is too short to live it without fun or comedy. There's nothing wrong with athletes celebrating their achievements and having some fun while doing so - it's a good way to release some of the stress and tension that builds up during competition.

Yes they got sent off, and that could have hurt the team, but did it really? Really? Accept it folks, its the rules that led to them getting sent off that are there real culprit here, instead of getting mad at Neymar or Hassli, get mad at the stupid rules created by sour old men who have no understanding or connection to the mind of the younger athlete. Sports are supposed to be fun, the athletes are supposed to be having fun, and the fans paying money to watch in the stands or on television aren't paying for a ballet or opera, which oddly enough seem to allow more expression of joy than allowed in professional sports these days.

For those of you who do enjoy goal celebrations, here Neymar's and Hassli's goal celebrations:

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