Saturday, March 26, 2011

Noisy Fans Ruin Moment of Silence for Japan Prior to US-Argentina Match

Those of us who watched European club soccer last weekend saw numerous moments of silence to honor the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I for one was amazed and moved by how silent those stadiums, filled with thousands of people, were during said moments of silence. Therefore, I was appalled by how noisy the moment of silence in the Meadowlands before the US-Argentina match was tonight. You can see the players were also disappointed by the noisy crowd. Disgraceful. Even more disgraceful is what one moron can clearly be heard yelling during that silence.

Links to help make a difference:

How to help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options

Japanese American Citizens League

Here is the moment of silence from before the Manchester United v. Bolton match the previous weekend.

Yes, it is not perfect, but so much quieter and more respectful than the moment of silence at the Meadowlands was on Saturday.

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C said...

Shameful. Absolutely shameful. I'm embarrassed at their actions.