Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[VIDEO] Peter Crouch Scores & Gattuso Slaps & Headbutts Joe Jordan

For several summers, Tottenham Hotspur was often touted by the pundits as a pre-season favorite to break into the top four in the English Premier League, no matter how poorly the team had fallen off in the previous season. Well Tottenham finally finished in the top four last season, and are trying to prove last season's finish was not a fluke. In addition to currently being fourth on the EPL table, Tottenham picked up an important away win against Milan in the knockout stage of the Champions League.

The Spurs win came courtesy of a lovely break away by Aaron Lennon who crossed the ball over to a waiting Peter Crouch:

Meanwhile, the British footballing press has gone into self-righteous indignation mode because Milan's Gennaro "Mad Dog" Gattuso slapped and headbutted Tottenham coach Joe Jordan. Jordan apparently called Gattuso a "fucking Italian bastard." Still on your high horse British press?

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