Thursday, July 1, 2010

Landon Donovan and the Bejeweled Vuvuzela

So the Knock Out stage of South Africa 2010 ended on Tuesday, and despite the return of Major League Soccer and the US Open Cup, it seems many football fans are going into withdrawals since they no longer get to wake up early everyday to watch a couple World Cup finals matches. This is the perfect time then to highlight the new craze: Landon Donovan and the Bejeweled Vuvuzela!

Since returning to the United States after the US National Team got knocked out of the tournament, 2-1, by Ghana during the Knock Out stage, it seems like you cannot turn on a television in the United States without seeing . . . . .

Today the Late Show With David Letterman took the set outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater to show off the skills of USA soccer player Landon Donovan compared to David Letterman himself. Landon and David had a shoot out of their own on June 29, 2010 in the streets of New York City, New York. Landon seemed to be having a great time with the fans and Mr. Letterman himself.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Landon Donovan on The Early Show (okay, this was last week, but):

Landon Donovan on the David Letterman Show:

Landon Donovan on Live with Regis & Kelly (Who does this guy think he is? David Beckham?):

Landon Donovan on The Daily Show (with Bob Bradley):

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Meanwhile, it seems that people either love the vuvuzela or hate the vuvuzela, there isn't much of a middle ground. Getting into a detailed discussion on whether the vuvuzela is a good thing or a bad thing is to American soccer circles what discussing Democrats v. Republicans is to so-called "news" shows on radio and television. I want to avoid that, so instead, I present you with the crazy story of paying 17000 Euros for a vuvuzela - yes, you read right, 17000 Euros.

It seems somebody in Russia, with way too much money on his hands, bought a vuvuzela covered in white gold and diamonds from a goldsmith, with way too much time on his hands, in Linz, Austria. Apparently, the Russian intends on giving said bejeweled vuvazela to a South African business partner.

Here's the Reuter's piece on the bejewelled vuvuzela.

Finally, the US might be out of the World Cup finals, but - You're Welcome, World Cup

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