Thursday, December 3, 2009

World Cup Draw Eve

Well, it's World Cup Draw Eve and football fans around the world are waiting anxiously to see which group their country is placed into, which other nations will our beloved country have to be beat to move beyond the group stage.

Here in Houston, plans are already being made by many U.S. National Team fans to gather at Nick's Place - Italian Bar & Grill to watch the draw, despite the prospect of a rare early December snowfall. I watched the 2006 World Cup Final at Nick's Place, where Italy beat France and my wife and I acquired Gerardo, a precious pet who was a loving blessing for one short, but memorable year. Since then I have watched many a football match, as well as American football games and some boxing matches, at Nick's Place. In addition, 1560 The Game, home of The Orange Slice, broadcasts live from Nick's Place all day, every Friday.

So, if you're in the Houston area and want to watch the draw with passionate football fans, join us around 11:00 tomorrow morning. For more information on Nick's Place, CLICK HERE.

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