Monday, July 27, 2009

Mun2 Broadcasting Mexico v. USA on August 12, 2009

On August 12, 2009, the U.S. National Team will be travelling to Azteca Stadium in Mexico City to play Mexico in their first match of the second half of the CONCACAF Hex for World Cup Qualificiation. Since the match is at Azteca, the television broadcast rights are not held by ESPN but by Telemundo, part of NBC Universal. The English language broadcast will be on the Mun2 network, which is not easily available in many markets.

The initial response from soccer fans and pundits from the United States was an uproar of protest seeking to have the English language broadcast moved to a bigger network in the NBC Universal family. Mun2 is seeking to use this broadcast as an opportunity to heighten its visibility in the United States, and, recognizing that not all cable and satellite providers have Mun2 on a basic package, are taking steps to make the channel free to all viewers on August 12th. It appears that if you have DirecTV or Dish Network, Mun2 will be free. If you have cable, you should contact your local cable provider to determine if they will make it available for free viewing on August 12th. Mun2 is available on Channel 410 on DirecTv, Channel 250 on Dish Classic Gold, and Channel 838 on Dish Latino.

The match will begin at 3:00 pm central time and the broadcast team will include Phil Schoen and Marcelo Balboa.

Click for video about Mun2.

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