Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Being Forward

-It's official, Joseph Ngweyna has officially signed with SK Austria Karnten.




So, with just less then 2 weeks to go before preseason for the Dynamo, a team that won the MLS Cup last year thanks in large part to its depth now finds itself shortfooted up front. In addition to Ngweyna, Paul Dalglish has parted ways with the Dynamo and Nate Jaqua is working hard to sign with a European side.

Not all is hopeless for the Dynamo and its fans though, Dominic Kinnear is a great judge of young talent, and the Dynamo now have some more room to play with under the salary cap.

- Officiating and the quality thereof has a been a huge issue this past season and, not surprisingly, that includes Italy. Without going into some of those questionable penalities, since the start of the current edition of Serie A I've lost track of how many times I've seen 4 and 5 minutes of stoppage time in games where bigger clubs are struggling to get a draw or win. Not surprisingly, the league chief is defending the officials in Italy:


- Speaking of Italy, Roma Ultras again indulged in needless violence this past weekend - three Catania supporters were stabbed outside of the Stadio Olimpico. Thankfully, Roma coach Luciano Spalletti is criticizing this stupid act of violence:



On a final note, the positive attributes of soccer in this crazy world is evidenced again, FIFA has decided that Iraq will play host to three World Cup qualifying matches to be held in Dubai:


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